OMG!! It's the last day of January ALREADY?? Where did the days go??
Either I've been asleep the whole time or I'm getting old!
But, that's not the main topic here.  
The main topic is : Announcing our main events in 2017. Yeay!
We are super excited to tell you that a string of happens will be happening this year, dedicated especially for the beloved members of CISC.
So grab your phone now and mark these dates on your calendar!

Family Day - Feb 18th
Easter Egg Hunt - April 22nd
Indonesian Cultural Night - May 13th
Father's Day Amazing Race - June 17th
Stampede Breakfast - July 15th
Indonesian Independence Day - August (in Edmonton)
Halloween Night - Oct 28th

Food kiosks will be opened in some of these events.
Please contact
Swani Sidharta if you're interested to open one.

Wait! I'm not finished yet.   
On top of those events, there's gonna be : bowling night, skating/tubing day, dancing lesson for kids/adults, Stampede Parade, hiking, canoeing, etc etc etc....
Omg, so many exciting events for families and people of all ages, I'm so pumped up now!
Hope you guys are as excited as me.

We are looking forward to see all of you in those events.
Feel free to contact us for any ideas/suggestions/volunteering opportunities. We're here for you.  

Together, we can make 2017 even a more successful year that will bring us even closer as a community.  

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