The Indonesian Gala will take you to this country that is rich in cultural diversity.  One of our guest cultural performers is Nancy Susatyo from Los Angeles, USA.

Nancy started to learn Balinese dance at the age of 4 years. Her teachers were well known Balinese dance maestro’s, the late Mr. I Wayan Diya and Mrs Sarwi.  Under their wings, she began her career as a dancer that took her to many places in the USA (San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Diego) and South America (Mexico, Peru) to name a few. 

Her portfolio keeps expanding and the highlights include UCLA’s Spring Concert Festival, Miami’s World Tourism Festival and Peru’s World Dance Festival.

To all the Indonesia Gala guests, we are looking forward to meeting up with you and presenting you with a ‘Night to Remember’.


The Indonesian Gala will take you to this country that is rich in cultural diversity. The next of our guest cultural performers is Herman Sitepu, from Paris, France.

Herman started his dance career at the tender age of 7, by learning the Javanese and Melayu traditional Indonesian dances. His learnings really took off in 1985 with a series of diversity performances throughout Indonesia. Traditional and modern dances were performed throughout until he began another series of dances on the Liga Tari “Krida Budaya” Indonesia University Culture Mission.

Herman passion for dance has taken him to perform in Japan, Vietnam, Gabon, USA, France, England and other European countries. No doubt, he has raised the awareness of Indonesia’s traditions throughout the world. Together, with the other dancers, Herman will showcase his talents to make this a “Night to Remember” for us all.

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