Networking with people of all cultures, I have found with the use of pictures and video is a great way to communicate with people.

Indonesia is a country, where people can visit and have fun together, where people are friendly. For people who know little about Indonesian culture all we need to do is open our eyes and  mind and we  will help you will help you understand  and learn to enjoy the local culture, the dance and music and the food which is awesome.  Most of all, it is the people of Indonesia that make you want to keep coming back to visit there great country.

The Canadian Indonesian Social Club give you a small taste of what Indonesia is like. You will learn
about the culture and the friendliness of the people. It is a club that welcomes all people, all cultures and we ask you come and join with us and have fun.

If you could understand the words to this song," Lets Have Fun Together" it is saying; do not hesitate , come  join with us, open your eyes we will show you the love of our world, we will all be happy and most of all, Lets Have Fun Together.

To those who may not know Ridho Rhoma Irama, here is a small introduction:

Muhammad Ridho Rhoma Irama, or better known as Ridho Rhoma (born in Jakarta, January 14, 1989) is the youngest  child of The King of Dangdut, Rhoma Irama. Ridho Rhoma began following his father’s footsteps  as a dangdut singer. Ridho formed his own band called SONET 2 (Sonet Two). On January 22, 2009, debut album was released  and gained  critical acclaim by mixing modern pop music and traditional dangdut sound.

What is Dangdut music: Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Hindustani or Hindi music, Malay, Arabic. Dangdut is a very popular genre because of its melodious instrumental usage and vocals by the singers and musicians. Dangdut really has a powerful feeling to enjoyment because of its tabla and gendang beat, which insists Dangdut listeners to dance to it.Dangdut has very similar melody, vocal, and instruments.The style emerged in Jakarta in the late 1960s and reached the pinnacle of its popularity in the ’70s and ’80s.

As Membership Director of the Canadian Indonesian Social Club, who was born in Saskatchewan, not in Indonesia. I also work in the travel industry and always am networking with people. After spending one year living in Indonesia my eyes, my mind are now opened to realize than Indonesian culture has much to offer everyone.

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