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The Canadian Indonesian Social Club (CISC) is not just for Indonesians, but for all Canadians. CISC is place for everyone to experience, to enjoy, all people, all cultures and most of all join with us to have fun.

Yes, you will learn to understand more about Indonesian culture and yes you will have the opportunity to experience the great food. Indonesia and the CISC is a very diverse and friendly place. CISC is a non religious organization, our members are of many different religious affiliations, as just like in Indonesia.

The CISC is not new to Calgary. It was formed in 1983 by Canadians that were from Holland, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our president is, since 2003, is Sjahmanul Alam (his friends call him Alam or Al). Al is also an active construction business owner here in Calgary.

The members of our organization are of families and single people. Joining our club you will have the opportunity to have interaction with all people, with members from 18 years old to retirement. But lets not forget all those young families.

It is an organization for all people, all cultures who just like to socialize and have fun. While at the same time you will learning more about Indonesian Art & Culture. Canada is a place where many people can often work too much and often do not socialize enough. Please come join with us, meet new people and have Fun!

 Welcome to the
Canadian Indonesian
Social Club

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Club is to operate as a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization with the objective of fostering closer cooperation amongt members and the general public through social and cultural activities.

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